by Cerberus Attack

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released January 1, 2009



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Cerberus Attack São Paulo, Brazil

Banda formada no início de 2009 em São Mateus, zona leste de São Paulo com o intuito de fazer um som com influências do Thrash Metal que se fazia na década de 80 nos EUA e na Europa.

Band formed in early 2009 in São Mateus, east of São Paulo in order to make a sound with influences of Thrash Metal that was in the 80s in the U.S. and Europe.
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Track Name: Another Day In Hell
At the where death is waiting for you
Where everyone pray for their lives
Where only the strong will get back to home
Where the law is kill or to be killed

It doesn't matter if you’re black or white
It doesn't matter if you’re atheist or Christian
Rich or poor it doesn't make a difference
When the first shot passes by you

At the dusk, when a few people remain
You will hear the screams of pain
From the injured ones

You will remember your home your family
And for a moment you'll forget
That this day was just
Another day in hell

Another illogical war they have done
For the same reasons that we know
Money, greed and power is what they want
Conquering respect by fear and by destruction

All the rich politicians in their homes
Sitting on their chair of gold
Watching the genocide on TV
They will not bleed at this battlefield

But it doesn't matter, because you are here
And have to kill your fellowmen
Chaos this is your mission

You will remember your home and family
And will forget about this chaos...chaos
Because this is just
Another day in hell
Track Name: Cerberus Attack
Fury in 3 heads
Blood on your chest
You don't understand
What's happening in the flames

Cerberus, Cerberus attack(2x)

Ripping your flash
Eating your head
Bodies are in pain
It destroys again

Cerberus, Cerberus attack(2x)

Creature from hell
Rage is its spell
Resting in your bones
It doesn't have soul

Cerberus, Cerberus attack(2x)

Hell is your home
Suffering is your friend
Undead is by your side
Screaming and crying

Cerberus, Cerberus attack(2x)
Track Name: Welcome to Destruction
Nuclear war
In front of the door
Bodies are in pain
Spreading on the floor
Awaking in this war
Bullets ripping my throat

Welcome to destruction(2x)

Death is coming fast
And you fall like the rest
Nobody knows
When the bomb explodes
Just realize
Your life has gone

Welcome to destruction(2x)

Cities in ruins
Lives were taken
Sea of corpse
Rotten and crushed
I see the destruction
And i cry for my lust

Blood falls like rain
Deception and pain
Who is the one to blame?
In acid rain
When falls the bomb
And destruction again

Welcome to destruction(2x)